Saturday, April 24, 2010

Episode #17 - Shearing Day!

Last week, John and I went to the alpaca shearing at the Oyama Lake Alpaca Farm. This week's podcast is a selection of audio clips recorded there.

Many thanks to Jim & Darlene, whose willingness to allow the public to come and watch the shearing is so appreciated!

Ready for a trim, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

Darlene, trimming topknots and tails

The shearing shed

Barrels of fleece, ready to be shipped to the mill

Connie, demonstrating the fine art of drop spindling, wearing the vest she made with alpaca and wool.

The Sit 'n Stitch girls


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Episode #16 - Happy Easter!

In this episode, I'll share a bit about our search for information about John's great grandmother, Elizabeth Norman Skae, the artist who painted the picture below. In the background is Arthur's Seat; the church is (we believe) St. Giles, where Elizabeth was a member, and in the foreground, the fishing nets in the harbour.

The house where Elizabeth spent her final days, #16 Jordan Lane, in Edinburgh.

I'll also tell you about the most amazing cinnamon buns I've ever had... or made! (Yes, that's John's finger "cleaning" the counter of glaze.

Fresh out of the oven....

And ready to eat...


Let me know if the Recipezaar recipe links don't work; I'm having some problems accessing their site at the moment and am not completely certain I have the address correct.