Friday, July 17, 2009

Episode #9 - Designing Women, the Finale

In this week's episode, we'll finish up the Podcast sweater (no, I can't show you pictures yet; mine's not finished either!).

I'll share a bit about our Sit 'n Stitch's trip to the Oyama Lake Alpaca Farm (click for more information about the farm) and my technical challenges. I just don't get why I can't get all the equipment to work when I need it to work!

And, as you'll hear about in this episode, I need your help in making a decision.

This one?


This one?

(Estonian Garden Wrap)

Or, this one?

(Evolution Shawl)

Which one should be my entry into the shawl section of the Armstrong Fair?

Also, one last question for you? Do you think it would be a good idea to start a Ravelry group for Strings 'n Things...the Podcast? 

Leave me a comment, a suggestion, a question, an inspiration! You have no idea how appreciated you are.


  1. Although I think all would win, I would personally have to pick the estonian garden wrap. I love the color and the pattern.
    Although I don't really knit ( I am a crocheter ) I listen to your podcast all the time. It's funny because I dislike all crochet podcasts and am a faithful listener to your knitting podcast. :-) If a crocheter is welcome to your Ravelry group, I will surely be one of the first to join. I might even try to knit again.

  2. As much as I adore the Estonian wrap, I would say the Aeolian is the most stunning of the three. My second choice would be the Evolution Shawl. They both show a level of difficulty that is not evident with the lovely green Estonian wrap. If I were the judge, you would probably have the blue ribbon in your pocket! hahaha

    I can't say anything about the Ravelry group because I don't seem to have enough time to get there for my own things let alone keeping up with everyone else. But heck, if you want to give it try, there can't be any harm in that, and who knows. I just may wind up being a huge success.


  3. I'll vote for the Evolution Shawl! It's gorgeous and I think the fact that it's your own pattern is truly an indicator of your skill and commitment. All of your pieces are beautiful. Sorry that I'm not making your decision any easier.
    A Ravelry group would be great. I don't often get to read separate blogs, so it's a way of connecting with others all in one place.

  4. I vote for Evolutin Shawl, especially since it is your own design. I think that designing your own patterns is so great.