Sunday, June 21, 2009

Episode #7 The Father's Day Special

I had intended this to be just the Father's Day special, but it's been slightly extended to include some "regular" stuff as we'll be away next weekend.

One late comment came in on Saturday. Because I already had the podcast "in the can", I'll include Kathy's poem here. According to her comment, "My dad framed the card with the poem on it. A bit extreme, but he's like his little girl".

Love Fights
You had a lover's quarrel with the world
but you rarely quarreled with your little girl.
The fights we had that I remember
where a kind of game, warm and tender.
I'd start by saying I love you,
and that would be our quarreling cue.
You would say you loved me more.
I'd argue well for someone four.
Off we'd go into our fight
each one thinking he was right
Then at the last I'd give in
for you would never let me win.

Music on this week's show is from Magnatune and features Rob Costlow's "Falling For Her"

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I must admit I would never have expected Palm trees anywhere in Canada. I knew your enjoyed lovely Summer weather, but not that warm. Obviously it is far nicer there than anywhere here in Pennsylvania. You cannot grow Palm trees in PA! hahaha

    I don't remember us ever having to worry about pine beetles, but we do have the gypsy moth that has devastated huge stands of deciduous trees in the area. They come in cycles. Right now they are not a major threat, but when they are having a good year, walking through a forrest or down a country lane is quite the experience, as you can literally HEAR them eating the canopy overhead. Disgusting!