Saturday, May 30, 2009

Episode #5 Designing Women

In this week's episode, I'll share a bit about my knitting (and crafting) history and how it links me to my past, of which I know very little, really.

The pillowslip my mother gave me... the date on it reads 1803. 

We've talked a bit about designing in past episodes, so let's put some of that talk into practice. Let's design a little boy's pullover. I'll walk you through the process I might take, from start to finish. This week, we start. Here's the concept... (similar in styling to Jared Flood's Cobblestone)

...and the swatch...

I'll review two books this week:
Clicking the book title will take you to their respective Amazon links. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Moving Backwards... Episode #1

Who is Ev and why does she think she can do a podcast?

Included in this very first episode is an update on what's on my needles, my favourite "go to" yarn, a book review of "The Prayer Shawl Companion", and ramblings about anything that comes to my mind.

Join me as we embark on an adventure, something I never thought I'd be doing... podcasting! 

Moving Backwards... Episode #2

Join me as we meander through my mind. In this episode, I've got a couple of book reviews, one not even remotely knitting-related, the other completely knitting related. As well, there's a Trinity story, and I'll ramble on about lace and why I love it so much.


Books reviewed: 
"The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy" by Valerie Ann Worwood, published by New World Library.
"Victorian Lace Today" by Jane Sowerby, published by XRX Books

The One-Minute Manicure: Use about 1 teaspoon of salt or sugar and enough of your favourite oil (I like extra virgin olive oil) to make a paste and massage it into your hands, fingers, cuticles, wrists for about one minute. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and apply your favourite hand lotion. Voila! Lovely soft hands for next to no cost! Couldn't be any easier! 

Moving Backwards... Episode #3

In this week’s episode, let’s talk socks… or not. Actually, let’s talk colour knitting instead; included is a review of Alice Starmore’s “Book of Fair Isle Knitting”. As well, how do you motivate yourself to finish your works in progress (wips)? 

We’ll also make our draw; if you commented on Episode #2, stay tuned because this is the episode! Good luck to all who entered the contest to win two skeins of laceweight baby alpaca yarn.

The Books:
Alice Starmore’s
Book of Fair Isle Knitting 

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here, you will find podcast notes for Strings 'n Things... the Podcast. Stay tuned. The next podcast is scheduled for May 30; that will be Episode #5